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Cain & Abel with english subtitles
Asian Movies Action Movies$post_idDrama Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel

Original titleCain at Abel
Country: Philippines
IMDB: 7.2Views: 128Subs: en
Country: Philippines
IMDB: 7.2Views: 128
Subs: en
Cain & Abel with English subtitles is a 1982 Philippine action thriller drama film directed by Lino Brocka from a written story and screenplay by Ricardo “Ricky” Lee.

In this modern-day version of the biblical legend on Cain and Abel, strong-willed matriarch Señora Pina favors her younger son Ellis over the older Loren whom she blames for the death of her husband. Ellis grows up cowardly and spoiled while Loren becomes a responsible family man despite his increasing resentment towards his mother. What began as a sibling rivalry develops into a deep feud that would later escalate into a large-scale war – with all the mayhem and bloodshed.

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Cain & Abel (Cain at Abel) with English subtitles

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