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The Carnal Sutra Mat with english subtitles
Asian Movies Drama$post_idErotic Movies The Carnal Sutra Mat

The Carnal Sutra Mat

Original title浮世風情繪
Country: Hong Kong
IMDB: 6.2Views: 2059Subs: en ru
Country: Hong Kong
IMDB: 6.2Views: 2059
Subs: en ru
The Carnal Sutra Mat with English Russian subtitles

is a 1987 Hong Kong movie directed by Ho Fan.

Before Michael Mak’s Sex And Zen became a cult favourite in the ’90s, there was Ho Fan’s Yu Pui Tsuen (The Carnal Prayer Mat, 1987). But without sex bomb Amy Yip, coarse humour or lesbian love affairs, Yu Pui Tsuen had to rely on the nudity and sex from his cast of relative unknowns to save the day. When a young man dreams that he drowns after a night of carnal passion, he asks a buddhist monk to translate the experience for him. The monk replies that the dream is a warning not to indulge the pleasures of the flesh to excess, but the man ignores his advice, marrying a virgin and making love to her constantly. However, after several torrid affairs, the man begins to realise the sagacity of the monk’s warning.

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The Carnal Sutra Mat (浮世風情繪) with English subtitles

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