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Pyongyang  Nalpharam with english subtitles
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Pyongyang Nalpharam

Original title평양 날파람
Country: North Korea
IMDB: 5.7Views: 375Subs: en ru
Country: North Korea
IMDB: 5.7Views: 375
Subs: en ru
Pyongyang Nalpharam with English Russian subtitles is a 2006 North Korean film directed by Phyo Kwang and Maeng Cheol-min. It is a martial arts film set during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. One of only two North Korean films released in 2006, it received ticket sales of 6 million cinema-goers in North Korea. Critics describe the film as “routine” and “adequate.”

“Taek” and “Kyon”, children of the two Masters who founded the school of martial arts “Taek-kyon”, must keep the school manual away from the hands of the Japanese occupiers (early 20th century) and entrust it to Priest “Jiham” according to the will of their fathers. The two lovers, who have not seen each other since childhood due to the travel of “Taek” to Seol, meet in the cave where the manual is hidden and plan to defend the manual until the last drop of blood. The students of the school, known as the “Pyongyang Nalpharam”(pronounced Nal-Pa-Rem)shall help them in this path, but the Japanese also want to seize the manual very badly; as they want to destroy it so that their school of “Judo” remains unrivaled in Asia.

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Pyongyang Nalpharam (평양 날파람) with English subtitles

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