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Story of a Prostitute with english subtitles
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Story of a Prostitute

Original title春婦伝
Country: Japan
IMDB: 7.3Views: 93Subs: en fr ru es
Country: Japan
IMDB: 7.3Views: 93
Subs: en fr ru es
Story of a Prostitute with English Russian French Spanish subtitles is a 1965 Japanese film directed by Seijun Suzuki.

Volunteering as a “comfort woman” on the Manchurian front, where she is expected to service hundreds of soldiers, Harumi is commandeered by the brutal Lieutenant Narita but falls for the sensitive Mikami, Narita’s direct subordinate. Seijun Suzuki’s Story of a Prostitute is a tragic love story as well as a rule-bending take on a popular Taijiro Tamura novel, challenging military and fraternal codes of honor, as seen through Harumi’s eyes.

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Story of a Prostitute (春婦伝) with English subtitles

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