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Yellow Flower with english subtitles
Asian Movies Drama$post_idErotica$post_idRomance Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

Original title둘 하나 섹스
Country: South Korea
IMDB: 4.3Views: 2843Subs: en ru
Country: South Korea
IMDB: 4.3Views: 2843
Subs: en ru
Yellow Flower with English Russian subtitles is a 1998 South Korean film directed by Lee Ji-sang.

Lee Ji-sang’s Yellow Flower dramatizes the erogenous encounters of a group of Asian men and women, who explore the limits of their own sexuality by participating in deviant, perverse, and bizarre coital acts with one another. Like Nagisa Oshima’s In the Realm of the Senses and Ryu Murakami’s Tokyo Decadence, Yellow Flower helped to obliterate the censorship of sexual content in motion pictures, throughout Asia.

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Yellow Flower (둘 하나 섹스) with English subtitles

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