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Pinku Eiga

Pinku Eiga: Softcore Japanese Films

What is Pinku Eiga (Pink films)?

The history of Japanese erotic movies that are commonly known today as Pinku Eiga or Pink films started around 80 years ago, in the 1940s, during WWII. Their first edition was in printed pulp magazines made on gray-pink paper.

The term “Pinky” is a Japanese stylization of the English American street slang word that means the “vagina” or “pussy” (in the most essential meaning, “pink” is not just a female organ per se but the one that’s undesirably or threat-based penetrated by man’s penis and that is what many Japanese Grindhouse or Pinku Eiga films with English subtitles revolve around and explore). Before those films gained their modern name, they had many previous ones: kasutori, momoiro, eroduction (a combination of erotic and production), sexploitation, and others.

History of Japanese sex films (Grindhouse Films)

The theme of penetration — undesirable, threatening, oppressive, and rough — is, by the way, the core excitatory moment of such films, no matter what lengths they are, 1 hour (regular), or longer/shorter. But treating the Japanese sex films with English subtitles just as rough porn would be so wrong — they absolutely differ from the explicit adult films of the West in several essential characteristics.

First of all, Japan has always had rigid restrictions on Japanese Pinku Eiga movies and other pictured explicit content, where “working parts” and even pubic hair weren’t and still aren’t allowed to be shown directly. That’s why Japanese Grindhouse movies had to use various filming and editing approaches to avoid such a display directly yet try to remain interesting to audiences and correspond to their desires and wishes. During the 1940s-1970s, the genre of Pink films was shaped, being capable to blossom in the imposed limitations.

To make such films interesting and correspond to regulations (so their creators avoid jail or large fines), various techniques of not directly showing the female and male “working organs” appeared:

Second, exactly because of the ever-changing restrictions, filmmakers tend to find creative solutions to ideas of Pinku Eiga films with English subtitles. That made it possible not only to have beautiful shots, storylines, costumes, used sex toys & apparel that are distinct only to this genre of the industry but also spawned branches: Toei Pinky Violence (centered around violence, action, and torture in eroticism) and Nikkatsu Roman (high-profile higher-budget erotic-porn movies started in 1971 that exploit ancient Rome and Latin scenes and structures interweaved with Japanese culture and premises). The beauty of Japanese Grindhouse films also lies in the authenticity because the best pieces are being shot even today as they were fifty years ago: on 16 or 35 mm film.

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What's happening with Pinku Eiga movies now

Today, Japanese erotic movies with English subtitles have a large devoted audience not only in Japan but also around the world and, primarily, in Western society. The rise of popularity of Pinku Eiga in the West was especially vivid at the beginning of the 2000s (with the advent of the Internet).

In Japan and some other Asian countries, these Japanese films are shown in offline adult cinemas and venues, whilst they are distributed around the globe as DVDs, online files, and stream videos.

On our website, we offer characteristic & best Japanese adult films with English subtitles, which include a large variety of films with and without subtitles, shot by famous and new directors. Our viewers will find on our website everything they are looking for in the classic Pinku style of Pinku Eiga movies:

Although the adult films of the West have particularly lowered the interest in such films, Japanese adult movies are still being produced because of their unique style, vision, cultural peculiarities, and exactly the lack of explicitness, which softens the narration and caters to broader audiences. Such movies are packed with highly inducing scenes, which makes them a perfect fire-ignition sparkle for couples that are seeking something spicy at night.

We have hundreds of offers and the list gradually expands. We add items from all waves of pink films, which means that you can already now find in the catalog movies from the 1960s and younger, up to the 2020s.