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Dead or Alive with english subtitles
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Dead or Alive

Original titleDEAD OR ALIVE 犯罪者
Country: Japan
IMDB: 6.7Views: 847Subs: nl en de it
Country: Japan
IMDB: 6.7Views: 847
Subs: nl en de it
Dead or Alive with English German Italian Dutch subtitles is a 1999 Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike, well-known Japanese director who has become known for his highly-controversial movies. Miike’s movies tend to have a cult-based following due to their high amounts of violence, gore and sex.

Ryūichi and his small gang of Triad vie for control of the Japanese underworld in a crime-ridden Shinjuku quarter while Detective Jojima tries to bring it down.

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Dead or Alive (DEAD OR ALIVE 犯罪者) with English subtitles

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